Other Projects + Work

And a few bonus facts about me!

A Day in the Life of an S.F. Street Artist

In a course on needfinding we were tasked with selecting a user group of our choice, getting to know them, and trying to walk in their shoes.

Recruitment for the research involved a lot of instagram DMs. Ask me about meeting up with an anonymous graffiti artist in an alley or about our experiences “walking in the shoes” of a graffiti artist.

My Senior Design Capstone Project

We created a set of activities designed to teach storytelling and growth mindset skills in 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms.

Testing prototypes with kids was a unique challenge, but also made the project so much fun.

A Few Classes that Got Me Hooked on Healthcare


Management Science and Engineering Department

Summer Research in Designing Education Lab

During my summer of research, I got to learn the rigorous approaches to survey creation and analysis used by the lab. In particular, my work relied on coding of qualitative data which also required validation of the coding schemes. 

My research was published in American Society for Engineering Education conference proceedings: “Understanding engineering student motivating factors for job application and selection.” 

I'm somewhat amazed anyone has made it this deep into my website. Either congratulations or condolences are in order.

So here are some bonus facts about me.

I love traveling and taking photos...

...and baking bread.

(more bread than traveling this year)​

I also play the violin and viola.

Ask me about busking at farmer's markets, playing in Carnegie Hall or taking viola lessons in Paris.